Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have been tagged by the amazing Cat of uncorked.etsy.com (who I think is very interesting).

These are the rules:
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Six random things about me:
I love dark chocolate, merlot, coffee, bubble baths, staying home, reading books, number games, eating in bed, making jewelry, paint chip samples, netflix, decorating everything, bright colors, cooking, hiking, fishing, shopping for beads, and being bossy!

Some annoying things about me are; my kidney stones and the pain I have with them, seasonal depression, not wanting to leave the house, changing my mind to much, allergies, isolating myself, irritable bowl syndrome, and my hair!

I have always been very creative; it’s something I can’t turn off in my brain. I have an overload of ideas and not enough time in the day to do them (or money). I CAN sleep at night at this time in my life and am grateful. I dream in color and often come up with designs in my sleep.

I have done every craft you can think of but I’ll name a few anyways. Cake decorating, interior decorating, sewing, interior painting, art painting, flower arranging, weddings, candle making, candy making, jewelry making, metal work, gardening, pottery, clay, stenciling, photography, stained glass, calligraphy, crocheting, knitting, dying, and drawing.

My most coveted item as a child was my crayons. I used them clear to the nub then discarded the paper and kept the pieces in a can. Later on I melted them down into one big crayon. Fashion plates were my favorite! Anybody remember those?

Last but not least I’m a beauty school drop out.