Monday, March 1, 2010

Artisans Gallery Team -Spring Rain

I am sick of snow!!! I'm actually looking forward to the spring rain to wash all this dirty snow away. I choose art for my blog feature from our team and the four artists all had something to offer for the spring rain. PaulaArt's table reminds me of an umbrella if your wondering why I choose it.
Sudden Rain -Framed Original Acrylic Painting $200.00
Paris, France - Wallace fountains - the child with the umbrella $35.00
Early Fronds SALE $45.00
Woodstack, Reclaimed Wood Table $425.00


Annette F Tait said...

beautiful choices Renee! glad to stop by! thank you, Annette

WolfeWoman said...

Beautiful choices! Beautiful fine art is like a meditation for me- it calms, uplifts, and returns me to a place of peace and hope!
Lee (oneclaybead)

Yann said...

Love the selection Renee, merci beaucoup!
Yann ;o)

paula said...

haha thats a different point of view on my table. thank you for choosing it for your blog.

Huismus said...

Beautiful finds Renee, I can't wait for spring either!
I need SUN! :-)

Sarah John Afana said...

Fun finds from such talented teammates. Thank you so much for shining some of your wishful sunlight on my girl caught in a sudden rain.
I will admit she may be my favorite from my Umbrella Series, I love the action I was able to capture in the rain.

kathiroussel said...

it's a great feature renee-- and i think we can all relate to your sentiments!! bring on the spring rain!

Monica said...

Wonderful selections! I'm so tired of the old dirty snow, too.

Michelle said...

Absolutely wonderful choices and
I am longing for Spring so much:)